DIY: How To Make Your Own Body Wrap At Home

What Is A Body Wrap?

A body wrap is a way to promote excessive sweating in a particular area of the body, which can result in not only significant loss in weight, but the reduction in toxins throughout the body. In many ways, the results that you will get from a body wrap is much like what you would experience from spending time in a sauna or steam room. The only differences that a body wrap provides more substantial changes in size and weight over a shorter period of time.

How To Make A Body Wrap At Home?

What you need is:
1- Body Lotion: You can use any body lotion you have, no matter which brand. Use your favorite

2- Ginger: You must use ground ginger to let the mix be more creamy, but if you have fresh ginger you can add it because it will work better.

3- A Plastic wrap

What you need to do is:

1-Mix the ginger and the lotion together

2- Take a towel and wet it down with a hot water, wring out the water then put it on the area you want to use the wrap on it for few minutes until it's cold.

3- Apply a thick layer of the mix you made on the area you wish to reduce. DO NOT RUB IN

4- Wrap the area with several layers of the plastic cling wrap.

5- Wrap all the area with a bandage wrap.

Now YOU'RE DONE. Lay down or sit and relax and do not move a lot.

You have to leave this wrap for minimum 4 hours to 6 hours.
After the 4 hours you can see your result and I'm sure you gonna be happy about this.

Don't forget to comment billow and tell us if you like it or not.

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