DIY: Photos Heart Wall Display

Here’s some quick tutorials on how to make use of that empty corner or space on your room's wall with a heart display using iPhone Photo Prints or any others photos.

We brought you 3 different ways to decorate your wall with the photo hearts display
1- Simple Photos Heart wall display

You will need:
-44 4X6 prints of photos.
-Adhesive (something safe for walls).

Arrange your photos on your wall into the shape of a heart like the picture billow. Start with the right part and then the left.
 And now your heart wall decor will look like the picture billow

2- Photos Corner Heart Display

 You will need:
-32 4×4 print of photos.
-Adhesive (something safe for walls).

Start with the corner and add stick down those prints on your wall. You can just eyeball to make sure the space between are even, but if you’re a stickler for accuracy, you can definitely use a ruler for this part. 

Simply follow our photo as a guide on where to put the prints to get the corner heart look.

3- Photos Empty Heart Display

You will need:
-34 printed mini square pictures. 
-Scotch removable mounting tape.
-tape measure

Using your measuring tape, measure the width of the wall you will use and mark the center of the wall with your pencil. 

Peel and stick your removable mounting tape on the back of your mini square prints. For better results, I suggest using two per picture.

Place your favorite photo where you marked your pencil. Using your illustration as a guideline, start placing the photos on the wall.

Since the photos are small and the space you're using is big, you might need to step back a few times to make sure everything is going accordingly. If you need to move and replace some photos, that's easy with the mounting tape. It won't leave any marks on your paint, so do all the moving you need to! 

We would like to know which one you like the most (Comment billow), And if you gonna try any of them please share with us your final look on our social media accounts.

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