How To Get Kylie Jenner Lips Color

Most of us want to get Kylie Jenner Lips, it may look impossible, but no it's not, It's very easy. If we use the same products she uses, we will get that look too.
So here are the best 3 Lipstick- Lip Liner combinations of Kylie Jenner to get those beautiful and sexy lips

1- Faux Lipstick And Whirl Lip Liner From Mac

You must heard a lot about "Kylie Jenner" Lips, And I'm sure many of you wondered which lipstick she uses. So here is it. 
The MAC "Faux" lipstick and "Whirl" Lip liner make a great combination together, they give that natural and gorgeous look, they are PEFECRT for this season and of-course so trendy.

2- Mac Brave Lipstick and Soar Lip Liner

It is such a beautiful color, many bloggers made a review about this last one, not just because it's Kylie Jenner's lips color but because it's one of the top five best colors of the year.
All celebrities have been wearing this lipstick color, it may not be the same lipstick brand, but they all looks alike exactly like this one.
So NOW you know the secret of this gorgeous color and you can rock it too

3- Nyx "Whipped Caviar" Lipstick And "Mauve" Lip liner
This is almost like the First Combination "Mac Faux Lipstick and Whirl Lip liner", but it's more cheaper of course. We all know that Nyx products are cheap and anyone can buy them, So if you can't buy Mac, here is a good solution for you.

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  1. I wonder what colour you would call this lip colour.

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