Say Goodbye To Blackheads With Egg Whites Mask

Today we will show you a great cheap and easy DIY recipe to remove blackheads, and it works 100% , you will see results from the first try.

You need:
- 2 bolls
- 1 Egg
- A brush (Like the one in the picture)

Lets get started.

1-Take the egg whites and whip them with a fork

2-Apply it to your face (and neck if you want) using a clean brush
(Avoid the the eye and mouth area)

3-Take a thin tissue and place it gently over your your face (where you applied the egg whites)

4-Apply another layer of egg whites over the tissue and leave it on to dry

5-Wait for 30 minutes till it completely dries

6-Peel-off the tissue in an upward direction from the face

7-Wash your face and enjoy.

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