How To Remove Dark Spots (Easy, Fast And Cheap Recipe)

We all hate dark spots and acne, and I'm sure all of us tried at least 2 beauty products, BUT not all of these beauty products work, and those that work cost a lot and we can't find them everywhere,
So here is an EASY, FAST and CHEAP home recipe to remove all your dark spots

What you need is:
1- ½ teaspoon of baking soda
2- ½ teaspoon of distilled water

What you need to do is:
1- Mix the baking soda and the water together in a small bowl 
2- wash your face and remove any makeup 
3- Apply the mixture on your problematic areas and leave it there for about five minutes
4- Rinse with water.
 You can apply this once a day for as long as you find it necessary. 

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