How To Have A Perfect Winged Eyeliner In 4 steps

Step One:
 Add foundation, concealer and/or eye-shadow primer to the eyelid and around the eye. This eliminates any redness and creates a nice base for the liner.
Take one of your angled brushes and dip it into your gel/cream eyeliner. Apply an ample amount to the brush, and then use the back of your hand as a canvas to mold the tip of the brush into a sharp point.
Using your brush, make a line from the outer corner of your eye. This line will determine the size of your ‘flick’. Pull your eye taut to achieve a smooth line.
 Step Two:
Go from the inner corner of your eyelid and apply the liner close to your lash line. Again, pull your eye taut to get a smooth, straight line.

Step Three:

Join up the eyeliner that goes along the top of your eye, to the line you created from the outer corner of your eye.

Final Step:
Fill in any gaps with some more eyeliner. Use small strokes, as they are easier to control than big, thick strokes. If you feel that you need a sharper flick, or you have made a mistake – use a clean angled brush with some concealer as an eraser.

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